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By: monty111 | Posted: 26th November 2009

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In addition, you can also benefit from the different allowable deductions. But you have to take note that the IRS will not allow your expenses to exceed your income.

If you are like most people you are trying to do whatever you can to lower your expenses. As gas prices and movies go up in price along with everything else we are always trying to cut at least one of our bills and save some money.

If you owe $8,500 in taxes, the $7,500 credit comes off the top, leaving an amount owing of only $1,000. In addition, it is refundable, which means if you owe less than $7,500 in taxes, the government will send you a check for the difference.

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If it happens that your property is forwarded to the county treasury, more interests and fees will be added. There will be a collection of four percent administration fee and one percent interest per month.

In fact, it is estimated as many as 60 percent of all property tax appraisals are wrong. Appraiser means you could have underestimated the size of your property, so be careful. You don't want to appeal yourself into a higher tax bill!

This rate is then multiplied times the assessed value of your home. The resulting figure represents what you owe, which is also known as a millage.

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