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Real Estate Law

Real Estate Law covers a wide range of different subjects all revolving around the Real Estate world, including land along with improvements to the land, such as buildings, fences, wells and other site improvements that are fixed in location. Real estate law is the body of regulations and legal codes which cover such matters under a particular jurisdiction and include things such as commercial and residential real property transactions. Real Estate Law affects millions of people all over the world, and you will most likely encounter it if you're planning to build a house, or making substantial changes to your home. Before doing anything drastic, it's always a good idea to make sure you're on the right side of the law, and at Going Legal, our Real Estate Law section aims to ensure that you do everything correctly, every step of the way by referring to our vast range of Real Estate related articles.

Real Estate Law Articles

Real Estate Law


27th January 2011
Letís say that youíve made your property beautiful and in sale-ready condition, but when you get ready to sell it, there are very few buyers interested. Or, perhaps there are numerous buyers wanting to buy the property, but they cannot qualify for a loan...
Author: John Hill
Real Estate Law

Realities And Risks Of An Installment Land Contract

24th January 2011
An installment land contract (aka: land contract, contract for deed, or installment contract) can be compared to purchasing a product or service on credit; specifically, via installment payments. An installment contract involves an agreement used rather t...
Author: JoelMcDonald2010
Real Estate Law

Do Not Think Hiring a Moving Company is a Waste of Money!

24th January 2011
Planning to shift your house?? Moving can be made really easy and quick if you opt for a good moving company. Shifting is not an easy task; it involves a lot of work, planning and money. It is really time consuming if it is not planned appropriately well ...
Author: John McKenzie
Real Estate Law

Timesharing Law

21st January 2011
In a non professional terminology, timesharing relates to a legal phrase wherever a person is offered selected rights or ownership to the use of a house, land, estate or acreage more than a certain time. During these time, they are authorized to make use ...
Author: henryjuke
Real Estate Law

Conveyancing And Electrical Safety Switch Issues

21st January 2011
Property investment is an exciting but challenging way to earn money. Whether it is residential, commercial or industrial property, conveyancing is better done with the help of conveyancing solicitors Brisbane. These are expert professionals who aware wel...
Author: EvaJudge
Real Estate Law


20th January 2011
Wholesaling real estate is a new, more profitable business strategy to gain the desired level of income within a short period of time. This is why many people who also having other business firms, professions are investing huge amount of money for buying ...
Author: jaimes
Real Estate Law

Luxury Living At Gurgaon

18th January 2011
Now, the time is here, when almost all of us wish to lead a luxury living than to lead a simple living. The needs and demands of the people change with the passage of time. So is the case with the style of living. Few times back, people used to lead a sim...
Author: Real estate
Real Estate Law

How Texas Veterans Buy Houses

07th January 2011
The Texas Veterans Land Board (TVLB) offers Texas Veterans a home purchase program known as the Veterans Housing Assistance Program (VHAP) to help reduce the long-term costs of financing a home. VHAP provides financing up to $325,000 toward the purchase o...
Author: FitzGerald
Real Estate Law

Real Estate for Beginners Residential Property Taxes

07th January 2011
When your property is under appeal the County Board of Taxation can adjust your home's value to the common level. The taxpayer should know the average ratio in the municipality where the property under appeal is located before filing a tax appeal. Remembe...
Author: Stacy Wallace
Real Estate Law


05th January 2011
As road connectivity to Faridabad improves, residents of the subcity are now looking forward to the now Delhi Metro line to get operational soon to bring this town closer to Delhi. According to sources, the proposal to build a Metro line through Faridabad...
Author: zameen
Real Estate Law

Information On Townhouses in Ottawa

04th January 2011
Townhouses in Ottawa frequently can an excellent "middle way" between an apart single family home and a full condominium, because to a confident degree, they offer quality of both. A townhouse is by meaning a home that in one or more other homes, but whi...
Author: Felix Richerd
Real Estate Law

The Benefits Of Using Erie Insurance Agents

13th December 2010
The process of shopping for auto insurance can be a hassle. There are numerous factors that must be considered, laws that must be abided by, and there are many profit hungry insurance companies that are ready to take your business without putting your int...
Author: Darrenwillsmith42
Real Estate Law

Real estate law- Before and after purchase

08th December 2010
Before buying real estate, there are several things that are to be looked into. Today most purchases can be on properties that are distressed. For this you would need Florida Real Estate Lawyers. A lawyer is just as important as an appraiser and a propert...
Author: Stacy
Real Estate Law

Internet is the newest way to carry on the personal 'homes for sale' surveys

30th November 2010
There was a revolution in the past five years in the industry of the immovable property. This they call is the Internet. Now, the buyers sit at their tables and are examining houses in the Internet. Transferring your house for sale will be able to ensure ...
Author: Seowork011
Real Estate Law

Getting your Deposit Refunded

22nd November 2010
Ask what you have to do to have your deposit refunded. One of the most common disputes between residents and apartment owners is that the deposits are not returned. Residents believe they met the terms of the lease and are frustrated and angry when the de...
Author: Patrick O Connor
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