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Employment Law

The understanding of employment law can be a very confusing aspect within the workplace for all involved. Different issues which arise-whether from the side of the employer or employee must be dealt with in an appropriate manner in order for both parties to successfully resolve their issues and move on. In most cases, issues within the workplace can be settled by your company's human resources department. However, in the event that your company does not have this department, knowing how you can legally enquire about your issues is crucial to ensure that you follow the correct proceedings and can gain any compensation that is entitled to you. This area covers all aspects of employment law from contracts to correct disciplinary action and correct dismissal to a post to having your contract terminated successfully.

Employment Law Articles

Employment Law

Will You Company Benefit From An Employment Background Credit Check?

21st January 2010
Keep your company safe with a background credit check. You can sometimes predict a person's future behavior with a credit check. You need a background screening plan. To protect a person's interests, they must be aware of the check. The person must sign a...
Author: Rudy Silva
Employment Law

Corporate Employment Law

05th January 2010
The application of Unlawful Harassment and Wrongful Termination laws to At Will EmploymentEmployment laws are complicated affairs, with different statutes handling different components. They govern the relationship between the employer and the employee. T...
Author: Jack Copper
Employment Law

Accidents at work: Top 7 Facts about UK Work Accident Statistics

10th December 2009
Accidents at work happen every day in the UK, and the latest statistics from the Health and Safety Executive for 2008/9 show just how many and what type of work accidents have been reported by British workers in the last year. Here are the top 7 facts abo...
Author: Jessica Parker
Employment Law

Can I Find Criminal Records Offline?

09th December 2009
The internet is a wonderful invention and one of the things it helps us to do is to find a criminal record. A process which might once have taken hours, days and even weeks to complete can now be completed within a matter of moments, but is it possible to...
Author: Michael H.
Employment Law

The Importance of a Criminal Record Finder

09th December 2009
We all know what a criminal record finder can do, but do you know just how important these services can be? Not only do they help to protect potential employers against criminals but they can also help to protect you as well against any untrustworthy peop...
Author: Michael H.
Employment Law

Seven Steps to Successful Workplace Investigations

20th November 2009
Everyone complains about work. They complain to their wives, husbands, and friends. With every passing day, however, more and more of these complaints are making their way from the bedroom to the boardroom. In fact, the number of official work-related com...
Author: sandeep
Employment Law

Age is just a number...the High Court decision on compulsory retirement in the UK

15th November 2009
Age is just a number.... The High Court in the UK have recently upheld the compulsory retirement age of 65. Mr Justice Blake rejected the challenge brought by Age concern and Help the Aged and held that the Government's default retirement age of 65...
Author: Clive Thomas
Employment Law

Lay Offs During An Economic Downturn

30th September 2009
Be the Employee of the Month Everyday!In the first year of the Obama administration the economy is still in a slump. More than at any other time, employees worry about their jobs as the pool of applicants and mendicants grow larger-all begging for employm...
Author: marciano guerrero
Employment Law

Solar School – American Solar Energy - The Education of the Future

12th September 2009
alternative energy training american solar energy Solar school classes are being offered in the growing solar technology field. As the increase for alternative fuel sources is being pushed through government programs, solar school curriculum prepare...
Author: rose.eric1
Employment Law

Do You Know How To Do Employment Screening Background Check

10th September 2009
Doing an Employment Background Check is one effective tool to ensure that the company has made the right employment choice. It covers beyond the applicant's qualifications; it puts everything and everyone in the company safe physically and financially. ...
Author: Rudy Silva
Employment Law

Watch out! How Employees can Keep Track of Themselves

30th August 2009
Are you one of those employees who spend a few hours at work chatting with friends or posting your opinions on social networking sites? Well, watch out because clocking in systems are never far away from spoiling your party. Online chat, social networking...
Author: jsolutions014
Employment Law

Affiliate Marketing Programs - The Importance of Developing a Relationship with Each of Your Prospec

12th July 2009
When it comes to a successful marketing plan, there is no greater tool for converting potential prospects into long term clients than developing a relationship with each of your prospects. You may be able to offer potential business prospects the best q...
Author: jassicakainth
Employment Law

Why Should You as An Employer be Concerned About Blogs ?

08th July 2009
Blogging. It sounds like something that only geeks could love. Yet, blogging is now being done by geeks and non-techies alike. This could and should concern you as an employer because blogs have the grave potential to threaten your business as well as you...
Author: hardeep
Employment Law

Work Accidents: When do you need to report an accident at work?

21st June 2009
Employers and self-employed people, as well as people in control of premises, must legally report certain types of accident to the Incident Contact Centre of the Health and Safety Executive (HSE). All of the kinds of injuries listed below need to be r...
Author: Jessica Parker
Employment Law

Michigan Unemployment Benefits Made Easy

15th April 2009
The State of Michigan is facing tough times. With rising unemployment and the often complex unemployment benefits system, mistakes are being made and workers are wrongfully being denied their unemployment benefit payments. With new developments in unempl...
Author: David Blanchard
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