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Estate Planning

In the unfortunate event of a relative passing, the remaining family members will have to go through the task of arranging the transfer of their assets. The aim of an estate plan is to preserve the maximum amount of wealth of the assets in question for the identified beneficiaries as different factors such as federal and state tax laws can greatly affect the overall value of the said assets. Without the correct information, the family in question can be led astray by outside parties, which in some cases can affect the outcome of the estate plan and how it is shared in comparison to how the deceased wished. Here you will find a wide range of informative articles on estate planning from the way in which the process works, different factors to take into consideration and how to find the correct legal aid to help you with the plan. Other factors related to estate planning such as trusts and wills are also covered, helping make those difficult times slightly easier to handle.

Estate Planning Articles

Estate Planning

3 Things to Consider In Choosing an Estate Planner or Why You Should Have one at all

18th July 2010
Estate planning or inheritance planning is a speciaialized art, one that comes with practise and experience. To go back one step though, you might ask yourself why the need for an estate planner - in an act of modesty I have witnessed so often that I h...
Author: Maximum Inheritance
Estate Planning

Dying Without a Will

18th July 2010
Have you ever considered what would happen to your property when you die? If you have made a will, there is every chance that the people you want to will get control of your estate, including your investment property. If you have not made a will, then ...
Author: Daniel Collins
Estate Planning

Estate Litigation Attorney From

14th July 2010 provides general, current and interactive information regarding probate litigation and contested estates. This website is intended to provide the browser with general, current, interactive information written by an attorney ...
Author: jackauthors
Estate Planning

A Very last Will in Testament and Its Meaning

13th July 2010
A final will in testament is a legally binding paper(s) by which individuals make distinct the terms of what will come about to house and assets upon the departure of its possessor. Whilst a will has been utilized to represent the house portion, the word ...
Author: Laurence Noble
Estate Planning

Last Will & Testament, who needs to write a will

13th July 2010
Everybody? Not quite. There is one class of people who need to make a will, or more technically correctly, a last will and testament. Bear in mind that this document would tell the courts in as much detail as you care to provide, how you want the things i...
Author: Funkf00t
Estate Planning

Why You Should Have Your Last Will and Testament Prepared by Pros

06th July 2010
Mrs B and her son had been warned that her health was deteriorating quickly and eventually she might have no alternative but to go in to a warden controlled home. They both were aware more than one of her friends had left all until too late after the l...
Author: Jo
Estate Planning

Top Things to Know about Estate Planning

05th July 2010
"Life lives, life dies. Life laughs, life cries. Life gives up and life tries. But life looks different through everyones eyes." Anonymous. Someone once famously said, "Everyone dies, but not everyone lives." If you are fortunate enough to have "lived...
Author: Jim Knight
Estate Planning

Hadith Ibn Majah Study at Wali Barokah Islamic Boarding-school Kediri Indonesia

23rd June 2010
We often hear people talk about estate planning, but what exactly is estate planning? Is it just for older people? Is it something only the wealthy should consider? Is a Will all I need? These are just a few of the questions people have when it comes ...
Author: B. Waluyo
Estate Planning

Get help from an Estate Planning Lawyer to create a valid will

22nd June 2010
There is a common misconception that estate planning is for the uber rich. That is not true. If you earn and spend, there must be some personal possessions. In case you die without a will, these would be distributed according to the rules and regulations ...
Author: williams23
Estate Planning

10 Deadly Mistakes by Attorneys in their personal Wills and Estate Planning

15th June 2010
10 Deadly Mistakes by Attorneys in their personal Wills and Estate Planning By Kenneth Vercammen, Esq. Where there's No Will … If you do not write a Will, the State has already written one for you. Your assets go to whoever a state law say...
Author: Kenneth Vercammen Esq.
Estate Planning

Estate Planning Services From Professional Asset Protection Services: Protect Your Money

17th May 2010
Estate planning services are essential for protecting your money and ensuring your future security. Connolly Law Firm gives you a wide range of assistance in every aspect of financial management that you require. Give yourself and your loved one's financi...
Estate Planning

Probate Valuation and House Clearance

05th May 2010
Using a professional house clearance or office clearance company takes all the hassle of clearing a property or business premises. In terms of business use, the minimisation of disruption is paramount. As with many professional services such as office ...
Author: jennyhicks
Estate Planning

Estate Planning in Las Vegas

28th April 2010
Many Las Vegas citizens are aware of the drawbacks of not developing a will or estate plan in place. A number of estate planning pitfalls could in addition arise by means of inadaquate estate planning on behalf of someone who by now has a will or is think...
Author: Trent Lee
Estate Planning

102 What You Should Know About Probate

20th April 2010
Death is never easy to deal with and what to expect in probate will ease your worries and let you think only of your loved one dies. The definition of probate is the legal solution to the decedent's estate, also known as your heritage. When a death occurs...
Author: Ruel
Estate Planning

Is a Las Vegas Estate Planning Attorney right for you?

13th April 2010
When you are ready to start thinking about estate planning, you need to have a good estate planning attorney to help you. As with all aspects of law, it is nearly impossibly to do it yourself properly, especially when it comes to a topic such as estate pl...
Author: Trent Lee
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