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Commercial Law

Similar to business law, commercial law is the term which is used in reference to the law process which is required with business and commercial transactions. This deals with issues of both private and public law, so covers a wide spectrum of topics within the field of law. If you are looking to learn about the different processes of private and/or public law, then you have come to the right place! Here at Going Legal, our authors have masses of articles and information on the different aspects of commercial law whether you looking to gain knowledge on civil codes, contracts, the sales of consumer goods and everything in between.

Commercial Law Articles

Commercial Law

Your Career-Is Something Missing?

12th July 2010
Some people have jobs in which they are very successful, but nonetheless, they are unhappy. It could be that you enjoy the people you work with and maybe even make an excellent income. Maybe you have a highly respected job title (like doctor or lawyer),...
Author: ctrebble
Commercial Law

Media Brilliance From Outer Space: Sony Ericsson Vivaz Review

25th June 2010
The Sony Ericsson Vivaz is an impressive smartphone, with a wonderfully large 3.2 inch touch screen with auto-rotate. The touch screen supports 16 Million colors and gives a brilliant quality display of videos, photos and the applications and programs on ...
Author: rubu thomson
Commercial Law

Jobs For Felons - 10 Tips to Help Convicted Felons Get Jobs

22nd June 2010
Getting a job with a felony is no easy task. I know from personal experience. There are many techniques to bettering your chances of getting hired at a job as a convicted felon, so I compiled this list of 10 tips to help you start working with a felony co...
Author: Williamstone
Commercial Law

The Choice of the Right West Palm Beach Criminal Attorney Can Change Your Life

10th May 2010
Those who need a West Palm Beach criminal attorney need to select one carefully. Their choice can make a difference for the rest of their life. The right attorney can help you through a rough time, often finding the proper solution to your legal problems ...
Author: Hilary Day
Commercial Law

Real Estate Sliding Lawsuit

04th May 2010
Masonite is one of the leading manufacturers of the high quality hardboard sliding door. It was before the year 1980’s, the company did a cost reduction effort because of financial problem. The cost reduction has resulted into a product with very lo...
Author: James Kahn
Commercial Law

Fighting a Denied Claim from an Insurance Company

08th April 2010
Probably the most common occurrence of a denied claim are those involving health insurance. If this happens to you, don’t take it laying down, fight for a resolution of your claim. You might be surprised at just how far you can get.Steps To Fight A ...
Author: tb_chats
Commercial Law

Marine Lawyers

08th April 2010
If you have a boat, but need assistance in any legal matters, then marine lawyers who specialise in maritime legal needs are what you need. You should find lawyers who understand the legal, practical, technical and international problems experienced by ma...
Author: Ryan White
Commercial Law

The role of contracts in Mexico timeshare frauds

19th March 2010
The concept of timeshares has picked up since consummation in the 1960s, and resorts in countries like Canada, Hawaii, Mexico, etc. are sprawling with offers to give to the end user. However, particularly in Mexico, timeshare frauds have also been an ugly...
Author: Carlos Hernandez
Commercial Law


18th March 2010
The commercial investigations spread over an extensive variety of investigations. These investigations follow a business to business theme. The Commercial specialists employ in a general scale of services which consist of the following• Intellectual ...
Author: Private Detective
Commercial Law


18th March 2010
Civil investigations serve different types of cases in litigation. For example; divorces, product liability cases, cases of abuse, custody cases, and insurance claims investigation related cases, they also include work comp, pre-marital cases personal inj...
Author: Private Detective
Commercial Law

2010 Oklahoma DUI laws

11th March 2010
Drunk driving is taken very seriously in the state of Oklahoma and a lawyer or attorney should be contacted if you are charged or arrested anywhere in Oklahoma for a DUI or DWI. The following should not be taken as legal advice, this is only a brief refer...
Author: dsmythe
Commercial Law

Pass The DMV With Your Vehicle Registration Problems

02nd September 2009
Confuse about what you need to do to register a vehicle? There had been lots of vehicle registration requirements that anyone must know based on each personal situation. It also depends on the state that you live in or have moved to. There are tips that y...
Author: Rudy Silva
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