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Criminal Law

Thefts and Criminal Law

02nd October 2009
Theft is considered to be a serious crime. Theft in legal terms means the intent to take another person’s belonging without the consent of that person who is the owner of that property or belonging. If there is no intend it does not fall under the c...
Author: Robert Bell
Criminal Law

Criminal Background Checks and Well-informed Decision Making

29th April 2009
It's a dangerous world out there and you can never be too sure. There are a lot of people who you think you know but are actually not who they say they are. A criminal background check is somewhat a necessity nowadays; it's not too much to ask for, with t...
Author: CharlieDavidson
Criminal Law

How to Conduct a Criminal Background Check on Your Own

01st April 2009
So, you want to go it alone, on your own? You don’t think you need to pay some company to help you determine if your new business partner, au pair or future son-in-law is on the up and up. Be prepared for long hours of research, lots of paperwork an...
Author: Randy Mann
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