Lindsay Nolan's Articles en-us Frequently Asked Questions about Clinical Negligence Solicitors Many people are aware that if they have been a victim of medical negligence then they can hire clinical negligence solicitors but at times these people have questions that they do not know whom to ask. This article will answer some of your questions about... 06th July 2010 Things to Remember If You Have Sustained Work Related Injuries There are various misconceptions regarding work related claims and most people believe that they can file work related claims only if they sustain certain kinds of work related injuries. The truth is that if employees suffer any kind of personal injury th... 05th July 2010 How to File a Claim for Auto Accident Personal Injury After a road accident occurs the person injured usually files an auto accident personal injury claim to get compensated for damages that have occurred due to the accident. In order to get 100 percent compensation as soon as possible the claimant has to do... 25th June 2010 Your Resource to Free Personal Injury Claim Advice Claimants are usually under the impression that personal injury claim advice costs a lot and hence they file claims by themselves. As a result of not opting for professional help, many claimants do not get the desired compensation. This article will elabo... 23rd June 2010 5 Tips for Whiplash Injury Claims Whiplash injuries result from jerking the neck or shoulder and these injuries can often cause permanent problems. Since whiplash is considered as a serious injury claimants are allowed to file whiplash injury claims if they require compensation for medica... 21st June 2010 Filing a Personal Injury Claim for Children Children often get into accidents due to mischief and as a result of these accidents parents have to pay for all damages on their own. At times children get into accidents due to no fault of their own or due to negligence of others. At such times parents ... 29th May 2010 4 Useful Tips to File a Car Accident Claim If you have been injured in a road accident or if your vehicle has been injured in a car accident then chances are that you plan to file for compensation. To ensure that you get 100 percent compensation you will need to keep a few tips in mind while you f... 21st May 2010 Your Personal Guide to Criminal Injury Compensation Being a victim of a violent crime like mugging, burglary or violence is often hard on the person and it entitles the victim to claim for suffering along with loss of personal items. This article will answer all your questions pertaining to criminal injury... 30th April 2010 Looking for an Accident Claim Company It's hard to be in an accident especially if you're seriously injured. You'll feel distraught and unfocused because all you'll think about is how are you going to recover. But with the help of an accident claim company you'll find the answers you're... 09th April 2010 Finding an Accident Claim Solicitor Car accident claims are very widespread in the UK. People undergo traumas and injuries and do not know how to claim for compensation. It is easy to get your compensation amount through certified accident claim solicitors. Leave all your burdens on a car ... 04th January 2010 Accident Claim Queries Accidents are a part of life. They cannot be avoided but the only good part about it is that it can be claimed. Accidents can be of various kinds like road accidents, accidents at workplace, medical negligence, industrial accidents, falls/slips, etc. If y... 02nd October 2009