RammoonCarrasiel's Articles http://www.goinglegal.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Get a Good Criminal Defense Attorney in Orange County A criminal defense attorney is employed by someone accused of a crime. There are three main types of crimes or criminal offenses, felonies, misdemeanors, and infractions. Crimes can be determined by federal law, state law, or local law. In Orange County i... http://www.goinglegal.com/get-a-good-criminal-defense-attorney-in-orange-county-2393748.html 24th November 2011 You Never Know When You Will Need a Personal Injury Attorney You never know what might come up in life, but should you ever have an accident in which you receive injuries, it is good to know about how to get a personal injury attorney. What makes a personal injury attorney different from another type of lawyer you ... http://www.goinglegal.com/you-never-know-when-you-will-need-a-personal-injury-attorney-2393514.html 24th November 2011