Leasehold Advice's Articles en-us Why Should I Bother Extending The Lease On My Flat? Thousands of leaseholders of flats extend their leases each year but why do they bother? Maybe you have been contacted by your freeholder with an offer price to extend your lease. Maybe you have heard that your neighbours are doing it. Now you are wonderi... 07th December 2011 What is the definition of leasehold in the residential flat sector? Considerable confusion is evident amongst flat owners in England and Wales (the law in Scotland is a little different) concerning the definite meaning of leasehold whilst referring to their apartment or flat. You might see flats advertised sometimes as ha... 19th July 2011 Timetable And Procedures When Buying The Freehold Of Your Block Of Flats Timing is vital in the event that you are buying the freehold of your apartment block so as to forestall substantial additional outlay. One of the most widespread causes for failing to acquire the freehold of a block of flats (when being permitted to do s... 08th June 2011 What happens if lessees can not find the freeholder? If one owns a leasehold residential apartment in England or Wales one may well want to contact your freeholder (referred to as a ‘landlord’ legally) for a whole variety of reasons. Possibly lessees would like to extend the period of your lease, maybe less... 03rd May 2011 How does lease duration have an effect on the worth of an apartment? Essentially the shorter the time left on a lease, the less a property is worth. An unexpired term of lease of 100 or more years has not much influence on the price. With leases above 100 years, the worth of the home is much the same, whatever the number o... 03rd May 2011 Can a flat be both leasehold and freehold tenure? Common questions among those new to the concept of leasehold in relation to owning a flat are; How do I convert my flat to a freehold? / How do I buy a freehold instead of a leasehold flat?/ How do I make my flat freehold instead of leasehold?. The wordin... 11th March 2011