Al Kola's Articles en-us Downloadable USCIS Immigration Forms Immigration is often a procedure exactly where a foreign person moves to United States with a non permanent grounds or to live permanently. For an individual to go in Usa no matter whether for a temporary pay a visit to or a permanent stay, a visa is esse... 08th March 2011 How you can get my Family members a green card Green Card holders (Permanent Residents) have been approved to dwell and work permanently within the US. Family primarily based immigration is an immigrant visa classification exactly where it enables a person to become a permanent resident via a househol... 07th March 2011 Submitting for US Visa Extensions With the numerous visas granted within the Usa, visas for browsing the us arrives to you having a time line and you should leave the country or deal with the risk of becoming deported. Nevertheless, you'll find cases where an individual may well wish to r... 07th March 2011 Green Card Via Family members Family immigration will be the method exactly where you're sponsored by your family member for legal keep within the US. Green card offers you legal resident status from the US. Using a green card, you are able to dwell and work inside the US permanently.... 07th March 2011 US Citizenship Application, USCIS Form (N-400) Acquiring US citizenship isn't only a privilege but also permits to appreciate the rights which are component of US citizenship. A person can become a U.S. Citizen either via birth within the U.s. or by means of mother and father or grand mother and fathe... 07th March 2011 Who is Qualified to Sponsor Family Primarily based Green Card? A permanent resident can be a particular person that is granted authorization to stay and work permanently in the Usa. Like a evidence in the permanent resident status the individual is provided an authorization card that is frequently called as Green Car... 07th March 2011 Causes Why you should Renew your Green Card A permanent resident could be the one who's granted authorization to dwell and work permanently inside the Usa. As a proof from the permanent resident status the individual is offered an identification or an authorization card which is frequently called a... 07th March 2011 FAQ on Family members Based Immigration You can find a variety of approaches to obtain a permanent resident card or green card. An applicant may receive a green card via employment, via a family members, asylum and refugee status, via green card lottery system or through adoption by a permanent... 04th March 2011 How you can Apply for H1B Visa Extension? As of right now you will find a lot of choices which are open for anyone who wish to work temporarily in the United states on the H1B extension. There are numerous work classes that consist of intra-company transfer visa (L-1 visa), B-1 visa, H-2B visa, H... 04th March 2011 US Illegal Immigrants as well as the Economical Results with the Migratory Reform The current number of immigrants within the nation is about 37.46 millions as well as the 32% remains illegally inside the US territory1. According to the Border Protection, Counter-Terrorism, and Illegal Immigration Manage, authorized very last year by t... 03rd March 2011 Choosing the right American Immigration Lawyer American immigration attorneys can help you offer with numerous immigration problems by working together with the federal government companies. They assist you to with issues relating to green cards, immigration, visas, emigration along with other natural... 03rd March 2011 Immigration Lawyers Are Crucial To the Immigration Method An immigration lawyer is among the most critical lawyers for you personally to employ. The immigration approach inside of the united states is known as one of the most complex processes. An immigration lawyer can help you in order to avoid stressful effec... 02nd March 2011 Immigration Amnesty Law - Green Card The previous time we'd a law that numerous thought to be amnesty was initially in 2000. On December 21, 2000, President Clinton signed The Legal Immigration and Family members Equity Act of 2000 (Lifestyle Act) into law. This law, commonly referred to a... 02nd March 2011 Illegal Immigrants- What do we do? Pro-immigrant advocates have voiced concerns within the past with deputizing neighborhood law enforcement agencies to enforce immigration laws. They've feared that performing so would discourage victims and witnesses from coming forward to report crime du... 02nd March 2011 What is the purpose of Form-I 90 The Green card is really a individual possession of an individual that is authorized to dwell in the United States. The evidence of authorized rights to dwell and work inside the US will be the permanent resident card or the green card .The green card has... 26th February 2011 US Permanent Residency Through Business Expansion International business owners and officers are the privileged, as far as the US immigration law is concerned. This is why they are categorized as having the main concern when it comes to US Permanent Residency. This piece explores how owners and executive... 26th February 2011 Long Term Stay in Thailand- What Are Your Thai Visa Options? Foreigners who desire to inhabit in Thailand have several visa choices to deide from to be able to settle in the country lawfully and on a lasting basis. Below are the most known Thai visa options available for foreigners.Retirement VisaThose who are 50 y... 26th February 2011 Tourist Visa to the US Visitors arriving inside the US must have a valid tourist visa. Unless your country participates inside the visa waiver system (VWP) wherein you'll be able to arrive within the US for 90 days or less without having applying for a visa in advance. The tour... 23rd February 2011 Motives Why you'll want to Renew your Green Card A permanent resident may be the one particular who's granted authorization to dwell and work permanently inside the United States. Like a evidence of your permanent resident status the person is provided an identification or an authorization card that's t... 23rd February 2011 Take a look at USCIS Immigration Form Living within the United States is now a dream for a lot of folks close to the planet. Many individuals are baffled regarding the forms to become employed and the method concerned. In case you are beginning your immigration journey, then you definitely ou... 23rd February 2011 Completing The USCIS form I-90 Essentially the most important document that a single need to have currently being a permanent resident within the US will be the green card. It really is crucial to help keep the green card updated. Green Cards are usually issued with an expiration date ... 23rd February 2011 Do I Need To replace My Green Card If My Name Changes? A Green Card also called the Permanent Resident Card, could be the proof of one's status like a Lawful Permanent Resident which has a proper to stay and work permanently within the United States. By law, United States Citizenship and Immigration Services ... 23rd February 2011 A lot more Facts about USCIS Approval Notice, Form I-797B, Form right here. When a petition or application is submitted to USCIS, the applicant or petitioner will acquire a Receipt notice. On receipt of your petition or application USCIS will deliver this receipt notice for the applicant. The receipt notice can also be known as a... 22nd February 2011 Interview questions for obtaining a green card through marriage Contemplating the fraudulent marriages that take area just to get a green card, the marriage visa interview method is often a lot more probing and intensive.Marriage based green card interview questions: Prior to goin to your marriage visa interview, make... 22nd February 2011 The Green Card renewal procedure For Form I-90 A permanent resident card (Green Card) is normally valid for ten years. On its expiry, you need to undergo the Green Card renewal procedure by filing Form I-90, Application to switch Permanent Resident Card together with the USCIS. Though these renewing e... 22nd February 2011 Latest Modifications to Religious Employee Visa Processing R-1s and I-360 Particular Immigrant Religious StaffNumerous religious organizations utilize at the very least one foreign nationwide or will utilize a foreign nationwide sooner or later in the potential. When these foreign nationals arrive to the U.S. to ... 22nd February 2011 How do I apply for a green card renewal? A Green card or United States Permanent Resident Card ,is definitely an genuine card to reside,operate and research inside the U.S. One must have a legitimate green card to benefit from the above described rights. Holding a green card which is expired , a... 22nd February 2011 Obama along with the Long term of Immigration The economy is inside the doldrums. Infant boomers nearing retirement have misplaced their nest eggs inside the volatile market. Jobless numbers are the highest in a long time. Provided these pressing troubles, immigration reform has taken a back again se... 22nd February 2011 US Visa for Maid or Domestic Worker The best way to get your maid a US visa so she can continue to operate and stay with you when you are temporary while in the US. The identical procedure is applied for any Nanny Visa, exactly where you have to be US citizens petitioning a foreign national... 22nd February 2011 H-1B Cap Gap and OPT Extension Discussion around the H1B cap and the way it effects F-1 college students on OPT. The new Cap Gap rule.H-1B Cap Gap and OPT ExtensionWhat exactly is the Cap-Gap?If you're reading through this short article on the "Cap-Gap" rule, then you definately almost... 22nd February 2011 The Impact of Shoplifting Charges on Immigration Status In case you are inside the US on a visa, you need to take care to adhere to the law. Any criminal charges against you are able to serve as grounds to revoke your visa and send you home.Many visa holders think what this means is they cannot commit any majo... 22nd February 2011