aman's Articles en-us Your Own Top Level Domain Here are two ways to register a domain name for free and some reasons why you might not want to. 1. You Must Have Your Own Top Level Domain (TLD) Name Your business website should definitely have its own top level domain (TLD) name. This means a nam... 07th October 2011 Dragonica. Review of the add-on "Ice Continent Therefore, you should immediately recognize that the game (better even to say - a toy), entitled "Dragonica" is far from the classics of the genre. There are no monsters, one form of which calls into question the mental health of the game designers. Educa... 18th March 2011 Aplicaciones iPhone / iPad: Color Effects Color Effects The first application that we bring you this week is called Color Effects and basically used to create color effects in photographs of all kinds. Its operation is based on the total elimination of color, then gradually add colors to speci... 17th March 2011 3 Simple But Powerful Off-Line Advertising Strategies But one advertising method that's neglected by most online marketers is off-line advertising. There are several low/no cost ways to advertise off-line and I want to share 3 of them with you. 1) Business Cards If you are serious about your busines... 17th March 2011 3 Things to Consider when Building a Greenhouse If you are thinking of building a greenhouse, but are unsure of factors which can affect the outcome, read the information below which will inform you on everything you need to know before you start building. Consider the following factors when determinin... 17th March 2011 AC-7 DSMI Server Pro and a mixer in the iPad Now, when I saw the fortune I spent on computers and appear iPad applications such as AC-7 Pro , I understand the success of the Tablet and generally from the App Store. And is that for a price of 7.99 euros we have a mixer to iPad . Not a crappy imp... 11th March 2011 Android Multitasking Mobile Phone Operating System The first version of the Android OS was released in 2007. It was the flagship release from Google via the Open Handset Alliance, a group of big companies including Google, HTC, Samsung and Motorola . Their aim was to create an open source mobile phone pla... 04th March 2011 Get yourself updated about 3G Technology. The first generation (1G) began in the early 80's with commercial deployment of Advanced Mobile Phone Service (AMPS) cellular networks. Early AMPS networks used Frequency Division Multiplexing Access (FDMA) to carry analog voice over channels in the 8... 04th March 2011 Residential Real Estate Aim and purpose of this site - to help all who wish to conduct any operation on the residential real estate in the secondary housing market, do it quickly, legally competent and safe. Who is it this site? - Firstly, to citizens who want to independentl... 21st February 2011 Importance of Sitemaps There are many SEO tips and tricks that help to optimize a website, but one of them is incredibly important as is sometimes underestimated, site maps. Sitemaps, as the name implies, is only a map of the area - ie on a single page that you shows the struct... 20th January 2011