zbenriquez's Articles http://www.goinglegal.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Forming a Singapore Business Registration Requirements The extent of business opportunities and tax benefits outlined for both local and foreign individuals is matched with detailed and accurate Singapore business registration requirements. This means that whoever wishes to start and establish a business in S... http://www.goinglegal.com/forming-a-singapore-business-registration-requirements-1864246.html 24th November 2010 Singapore Sole Proprietorship Explained A Sole Proprietorship is a business firm having one owner, who exercises absolute control and authority over its management, assets, profits, liabilities and losses. It is listed as the simplest form of business structure and the easiest one to register.... http://www.goinglegal.com/singapore-sole-proprietorship-explained-1848662.html 17th November 2010 Key Differences Between the 3 Types of Singapore Company Formations There are a lot of advantages that businesses in Singapore would enjoy- advantages such as it is near major markets, the government is practical and reasonable, the benefits that foreign companies would enjoy in terms of taxes and corporate laws. These ar... http://www.goinglegal.com/key-differences-between-the-3-types-of-singapore-company-formations-1844326.html 16th November 2010 The Simplest Singapore Business Setup Having one person to own the whole asset as well as the liabilities and responsibilities of the business is the most ideal setup of a micro and small business operations. With the flexibility and dynamism of having one person to own the company, he can... http://www.goinglegal.com/the-simplest-singapore-business-setup-1842894.html 16th November 2010