Jakub Bednar's Articles http://www.goinglegal.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com Probate Estates: Starting the Probate Process Probate refers to two things. One is the process of submitting a deceased’s last Will to the court. If the Will is proved valid, the court grants an order of probate (admitting the document as the decedent’s valid Last Will and Testament. The other meanin... http://www.goinglegal.com/probate-estates-starting-the-probate-process-1938671.html 07th January 2011 3 Reasons Why You Must Have a Will if You Are Divorced and Remarried in Florida Divorce is certainly a difficult time for all parties concerned. Remarriage can be even harder when it comes to making a Will. Family units become intertwined with children from former relationships as stepparents take on a new role. This article discusse... http://www.goinglegal.com/3-reasons-why-you-must-have-a-will-if-you-are-divorced-and-remarried-in-florida-1936392.html 07th January 2011 New York Intestacy Law: What Happens to Your Assets if You Die without a New York Will Passing away without a Will is called dying ‘intestate’. What happens to your property if you die intestate depends on your state’s laws. The implications this can have on your loved ones varies among each jurisdiction. This article discusses the impacts ... http://www.goinglegal.com/new-york-intestacy-law-what-happens-to-your-assets-if-you-die-without-a-new-york-will-1933955.html 06th January 2011