lisa lucero's Articles en-us Identity Theft Causes Several Types Of Problems Identity theft has the potential to cause problems to just about everyone. Criminals understand how to obtain personal information to steal money. Often, identity theft isn't immediately noticed by the victim until other problems surface. Basically, there... 07th May 2010 Learning About Identity Theft Prevention It seems that nothing in this world is safe anymore as more and more people understand the need for identity theft prevention. Most people go about this through credit monitoring but some people find that more drastic steps need to be taken. In order to t... 07th April 2010 Stolen Identity Can Cause Damage In Many Ways There are many different ways a stolen identity can benefit the thief while at the same time wreaking havoc on the victim's life. While the most common may be ruining their credit history by using the stolen identity to open charge accounts without any in... 31st March 2010 Identity Theft Laws Only As Good As Enforcement Efforts In recent years tough new identity theft laws have been passed by the federal government and many states that make it a felony to use the social security number of another person to obtain credit or defraud the government. Of course, it has been illegal f... 26th March 2010 Identity Theft Prevention Is Your Optimum Potential Protection Identity theft prevention is achievable with a few common-sense steps that would be able to thwart the best efforts of the would-be thief. You must be aware that identify theft is possible both online and offline with the help of little clues that you lea... 26th March 2010 Simple Solutions To the Issue Of Identity Theft We all know that identity theft is an ever-increasing problem in our society. Yet, there are solutions to the chaos created by identity theft. After first understanding how this crime can impact your own life, there are several steps you can take to resol... 26th March 2010 Maintain Privacy To Protect Against Identity Theft Learning how to protect against identify theft may not prevent it from happening, but it can greatly reduce the chances of someone using your information for illegal gain. Essentially, to protect against identify theft takes a little common sense and the ... 25th March 2010 Auto Dealers Are Main Targets For Identity Theft Scams Did you know that auto dealers are major targets for identity theft scams? Because automotive dealers regularly make high-dollar transactions, they need to properly protect themselves from identity theft. It's estimated that American businesses lose more ... 25th March 2010 Steps To Taking On How To Avoid Identity Theft Identity theft is that criminal act that has far reaching implications. The short term affects of identity theft is that individuals can unlawfully obtain merchandise utilizing the individual's credit cards and ATM cards. However, the long term affect has... 22nd March 2010 Education Is Power: Identity Theft Facts Probably one of the most personal crimes that can be inflicted upon an individual is identity theft. This is because it affects more than just the stealing of items, money or gaining access to credit card accounts, but it literally allows the thief to pos... 22nd March 2010 Comprehending Bank Identity Theft Whether you have a hundred dollars in the bank or a thousand dollars in the bank, there is nothing worse then an identity scam that drains your bank account of its funds. Bank identity theft is nothing new in crime but the trend seems to be growing at an ... 19th March 2010 Id Theft Protection Reviews With the way the world is, it is completely up to you to make sure that you have some sort of id theft protection plan in place. Whether this is something you are going to do and monitor yourself or you plan on hiring an identity theft resource center to ... 15th March 2010 Several Functional Identity Theft Protection Arrows Identity theft is something that can affect almost everyone - no matter where they live, and regardless of your age, social standing or race and color. Thieves may spare your car and your near and dear ones and may even leave your wallet unaffected becaus... 15th March 2010