Capital Visas's Articles en-us British Visas Regulations Regarding British Visas are Worth Getting to Know If you are from the United States and plan on visiting the UK for less than six months, you will not need a visa, as a simple passport will suffice. However, if you plan to stay longer than ... 19th March 2010 British Embassy Visas Get to Know More about British Visas before Traveling. If you are planning to visit the UK, it is helpful to obtain information on British visas. You might not need one depending on what country you are from, and how long you plan to stay. However, UK ... 16th March 2010 UK Immigration Service Contacting a UK Immigration Service is the First Step to Entering the Country. No matter what reasons you have for wanting to enter the UK, you will find there are very specific immigration rules. UK has different requirements for every type of immigratio... 09th December 2009