Media Masters's Articles en-us MIRANDA TAKES MORE HITS FROM SUPREME COURT Florida v. Powell and Maryland v. Shatzer: Why Criminal Suspects Should Never Talk to the Police Without an Attorney By: Houston Criminal Defense Attorney John Floyd and Paralegal Billy Sinclair In December 2008 police officer Timothy Abernethy was... 07th April 2010 DISTRACTED DRIVING: A MENACE TO SOCIETY Death Cause by Distracted Driving While on Cell Phone Leads to Conviction for Negligent Homicide By Houston Criminal Lawyer John Floyd and Paralegal Billy Sinclair. It was an emotional crime, to be sure. The father of the daughter convicted of the c... 05th November 2009 Another Not Guilty: Client Falsely Accused of Indecency with Child Acquitted After Trial by Jury Every prospective juror summoned to court for jury duty in a criminal case is questioned by counsel for the State and defendant as to his/her willingness to follow the law as given by the judge at the conclusion of the trial. A prospective juror who canno... 13th October 2009