Jinky Mesias's Articles http://www.goinglegal.com en-us editorial@articlealley.com WHAT ARE THE REQUIREMENTS IN ESTABLISHING A CORPORATION? A corporation is the biggest type of business entity. So how does one creates one of these giants? But first it is important to define the term CORPORATION- a corporation is an artificial legal entity which is chartered by a state and formed to conduct bu... http://www.goinglegal.com/what-are-the-requirements-in-establishing-a-corporation-6964.html 30th August 2005 FACTS ON WRONGFUL DEATH LAWSUIT In order to understand legal topics fully it is of great importance to know the meaning of the legal terms to be used. To start with let us first know the meaning of wrongful death lawsuit. A wrongful death lawsuit asserts that the decedent was killed due... http://www.goinglegal.com/facts-on-wrongful-death-lawsuit-3788.html 03rd August 2005 FAMILY- FATHER AND MOTHER I LOVE YOU One of the saddest and ugliest parts of divorce is the fight for child custody. Children are torn between parents. They experience mental and emotional stressed. They feel confused on which parent they are to go and live with. Before we go all mushy let u... http://www.goinglegal.com/family-father-and-mother-i-love-you-3787.html 03rd August 2005 THINGS TO DO BEFORE DYING The only difference between dying and living is that when one is alive you tend to do things one at a time but when the time comes for you to die you do things all at one time. So the best thing is for you to take care of everything while well and in good... http://www.goinglegal.com/things-to-do-before-dying-3784.html 03rd August 2005